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    Descamps, C The aim of this thesis, lead in the framework of an integrated European project entitled M. Diamond is a good candidate for the detection of high energy beams in medical fields.

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    It can be used for passive dosimetry, as thermoluminescent dosimeters or for active dosimetry as ionisation chambers. These two applications are presented here.

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    Concerning the thermoluminescence, several impurities or dopants boron, phosphorus, and nitrogen have been incorporated in the diamond films during growth, in order to modify the material dosimetric properties and a detailed study of nitrogen-containing films is proposed.

    The second part presents the results obtained in active dosimetry. Two guide lines were followed: the measurement set-up optimisation and the material modification.

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    The first dosimetric studies under radiotherapy beams concerning nitrogen-containing polycrystalline diamond as well as high purity single crystal diamond are conclusive. When treated, teeth show both The second part deals with the nuclear accident at Fukushima: event sequence, situation of the nuclear industry in France after Fukushima, fuel cycle and future opportunities.

    The third part addresses health and environmental consequences.

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    Each part is completed by a large number of documents in which some specific aspects are more precisely reported, commented and pierdere integrată în greutate crystal lake il.